I Love Science promotion video

I Love Science promotion video for Mama Gone Geek

Water Cycle

Why does it rain? And can you make it rain in a bottle? Yup. Check out this TableTop Science video for NPR's Science Friday

Seeing Sound

Did you know you can actually see sound? Check out this TableTop Science video for NPR's Science Friday

Ice is Solid

Check out the states of matter from this TableTop Science Video for NPR's Science Friday

Why Do Leaves Change Color

Learn why leaves change color and try a cool chromatography experiment!


Why do tides happen?

Non-Leaky Baggie

Poke pencils through a baggie full of water and you won;t spill a drop. Try it!

Spoon on Your Nose

Hang a spoon on your nose!

Finger of Doom

You can keep the strongest, biggest dude stuck in a chair with just your pinky finger. Try it!

Egg-Sucking Bottle

Use the power of the atmosphere to suck an egg into a bottle.

Stab a Potato

You can stab a potato with a straw--all you need is a little air pressure.

What Now? Videos

Build a Beehive

Smart stem activities for families stuck at home

Make Your Own Rainbow

Learn about adhesion and chromatography with fun experiments you can do at home

Nature--Up Close

Take a close look at nature with this cool framing activity.

Toilet Paper Roll Art

Delve into patterns and make some cool art with toilet paper tubes

Make an Animated Movie Flipbook

Discover the science behind cartoons and make a movie on your own with just paper and a pen!

Create your own Gemstones!

Using materials from home you can make crystal geodes inside eggshells. They're dazzling!

Make Plastic out of Milk!

You can rearrange the molecules in milk to create a mold-able plastic.